Tuesday, June 16, 2015

We All End Up In A Box

Dear Beautiful Souls,

In the morning is where you hear yourself best, especially when walking through a cemetery. I know that sounds odd, but I decided to go to the Woodlawn Cemetery upon the recommendation of someone I met. She said she found great peace there. I had been feeling “off” the last few weeks and felt a need to refocus. I found myself driving there in the summer morning as if my spirit was calling me to go.  I knew I was in need of something, and I was on my way hopefully to find it.

 I drove through the beautiful cast iron gates and entered the long tree lined road until I approached a circular driveway. It was there I found my spiritual resting place, among the dead. I walked along the wet grass leaving a trail that marked my path towards a religious themed mosaic art piece shinning in the bright sun.  This majestic masterpiece depicted many images of Christ and I was in awe of the artist hands that created this work.  As I got closer I realized I reached the special place I was told about. I found a beautiful purple labyrinth that seemed to lie beneath my feet like a concrete magic carpet.  I innately began to inhale and exhale, inviting calmness to my body. I paced my breath slowly, as I took my first steps into the winding pattern, designed for self-discovery.  

Labyrinths are thought to have an ability to help the subject who enters, reemerge at the exit reborn. There is only one path way in and one path way out. The sign that marked the labyrinth stated one should imagine shedding the old version of the self, using the walk as a form of meditation. Upon reaching the center one is to allow for enlightenment and I did just that. Once at the center of the labyrinth, I sat with my inner stillness. I admired the mosaic of Christ and fixed my gaze upon his arms reaching out as if he was calling to me. I knew I was physically alone, but not spiritually alone. I began to pray and felt the presence of my inner self become stronger. I spoke frankly to God about my needs, my worries and my frustrations. As I asked for guidance I heard the following words in my ears, “live for the life you want, not the life you have.”

After several more minutes of listening and pondering, I began to exit the labyrinth. As I meandered through the pattern, I heard a series of questions from a voice outside my head. I answered each question out loud with one word.  

“How do you want to see your life?” My answer was, “peace.”

“How do you see your children living?” My answer was, “happy.”

“How do you see your business?” My answer was, “healing others.”

“How do you see your future partner?”  My answer was, “best friend.”

“How do you want to feel in your career?”  My answer was, “fulfilled.”

“What do you want your relationship with God to be like?” My answer was, “trusting.”

What feelings do you want to have when you think of these things? My answer was, “peace.”

These questions left me feeling stretched and expanded. Feeling emotional, I walked towards the end of the labyrinth and proceeded to the portion of the cemetery where many deceased people are in boxes. I paused as yet another question/thought entered my mind. “At the end of the day we just all end up in boxes, so how do you want to live out your life? The remains of these people represent the end of their chance to live their best life. Their life is over and yours isn’t.”  Looking down the aisles of lovers, children, and parents forever gone, I felt a deeper appreciation for the delicate nature of life. I continued to look at their pictures, flowers, letters and objects left beside them. They all had a story and someone who missed them dearly.

Digging deeper into my soul’s quest, I had a yearning to ask myself more. So, I want to ask you the same question I asked myself,   “How do you want to live before you end up in your box?” My answer was simple, “define a new meaning to living outside the box.”

For me this statement feels like not restricting God. As I walked to His arms in my meditative walk, I was reminded He is infinite and all knowing. He knows us and wants us to be happy while living our truest versions of who we are. His desire is to allow us to learn at the right pace and experience peace in between. To achieve fulfillment we must take the first step into our own labyrinth within. There is one way in and one way out of this human experience. Everything in the middle is our choice. We can walk beside others, pass them along the way, or wait for them to catch up. Either way you come in alone and leave alone. You are the only one accountable for your life decisions.

Perhaps sit with your hands over the place that connects your body and soul. Listening through your heart in meditation will yield answers. The words and questions that you need to hear will flow in if you just turn on your light signaling for help from above. The mosaic of your soul is being constructed and God is the artisan. He is waiting with His arms extended to meet you halfway.   Walk towards your box, knowing that you deposited the real you in the end.


Live Inspired,


Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive



Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Surrender and Sacrifice Solution

Dear Beautiful Souls,

When I think of sacrifice I think of all the things I have given up hoping to manifest the next “big idea” I have for my life. I have given up sex, food, places I have lived and gone from one extreme to another trying to fix me. I have been an all or nothing kind of person my whole life. I have described myself as a sprinter, performing at high levels for short burst. These short burst of exertion have often proven to pay off which has reinforced such behavior that is until the crash of exhaustion sets in. I become frustrated and then typically rebel for a little while until I muster up the white knuckled approach to do it all over again. I would always think the right solution is self-sacrifice and withholding ANYTHING that would not allow me to be perceived perfect.  I would often apply this outlook to my relationship with God as well going from extremes of celibacy to fasting and then to prayer fests. As I write it all down it actually seems laughable to think that is the way I decided to control myself. I always lived by this thought that I must be perfect and sacrifice or suffer to be happy. I can say that has not worked for me with certainty. I still struggle with the desire to live in extremes and I am realizing the real definition of self-sacrifice lies somewhere in between trust and surrender. Those two concepts seem harder than anything else. By surrendering to faith or believing in the unknown we are essentially testing God and our spirit. We are laying all the pressure of our joy to rest on the process of letting go.

So, How Do You Surrender?

1.      Ask to be led.

2.      Listen and write the thoughts down.

3.      Follow you spirit’s intuitive guidance.

When I asked my spirit how to surrender, this is what I heard below. 

·        Be Still.

·        Allow the flow of emotions to cleanse your pain.

·        Lay your troubles at God’s feet every minute of the day.

·        Acknowledge His resolutions.

·        Speak of your blessings.

·        Share with your heart your soul’s whisperings and plant them there to bloom.

·        Allow the mind to govern decision making that is heart and soul driven.

·        Seek out the vibration in people, places and things that cause you to feel peace constantly.

·        Serve yourself by serving others, selflessness brings selfishness in balance.

·        Trust that you will have what is promised, if you do what you promise by honoring your purpose.

·        Until you know your way, keeping walking anyway. Movement is the condition by which you learn.

·        Align yourself with the view that God’s sees. A perspective that physical obtainment is temporary, spiritual obtainment is eternal.

·        Accept self- sacrifice in lieu of self- control. Allow instead of resist. Alter your course by sacrificing old thoughts, actions and manuscripts that have gotten you to the place of now.

One of my greatest desires is to have a family and be in love with myself and someone else at the same time. A wish that I have yet to see manifest. I woke up this morning with my recurring dream of having three children and partner in life. I think dreams are really the secrets that our souls already know. These things are already there we just have to put ourselves in the vibration that will pull them towards us.

 According to the Webster’s dictionary, the definition of sacrifice is to give up an offering for something else that you want, or in a spiritual context it can be described as giving up a possession to God.  For me self-sacrificing is letting go of the supplemental men that get me emotionally by or the sweet food that takes away my craving for love. Self-sacrifice is really just the emotional place we must all go in order to give up ourselves to Him.  In this process we must identify when we experience the separation from the body and spirit, which means the body resists the spirits lead. To be successful in absolute surrender the spirit must seek out the solutions and the body must follow. Following God begins by leading your heart, mind and spirit towards HIM first. The compass is already within guiding your direction. Your ears will hear the way, your eyes will recognize the vision, your heart will feel the pound of excitement and your soul will confirm in feeling peace.

 Are you willing to experience the sensations of surrender for your spiritual solution? Consider this; surrender is like the thunder in a storm that warns of the light about to break in you. Sacrifice is like unto lightning, with every discharge of negative energy, you will transform your spiritual world and be seen for who you really are.


Live Inspired,

Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive



Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Harvest Spirit Food

Dear Beautiful Souls,

I realized the flow of my spirit comes so much easier when my body is clear from the haze of sugar. I began a juice fast yesterday to reconnect my mind to my spirit, instead of my body. I have struggled with managing my body all my life and have known for a long time what has really been weighing me down… I have lacked self-investment on the inside. I will get pedicures, manicures, facials and even Botox if necessary to keep my exterior flawless, but to eat well consistently and exercise, well that can wait. Unfortunately that attitude has weighed me down, and I have layers of proof.  

How many of us admit to ourselves we need assistance in achieving more balance in the body?  I know having this conversation with myself helps me to be more accountable to my goals. I want to be spiritually, physically and emotionally fit.  Fitness to me is a consistent practice to train oneself for a desired outcome. Spiritual fitness is the beginning first step to achieve balance in the body. The body a fascinating creation from God is the barometer of the condition of the spirit. I even believe the body manifests illness or injury to bring us back to a place of spiritual alignment. I noticed in my years of practicing as a mental health counselor, when the body does not honor the spirit mental illness would emerge. Living in our truth is the key to living in our purpose.

Our bodies will manage us or we can decide to manage them. Fasting is a quick, although not easy way to reset communication to your spirit.  By delaying the gratifications of physical hunger one can feast upon interior subsistence. So how do we fast? Well it depends on your goals. I find it helpful to fast for a full 24 hours to encourage spiritual clarity when I need to make important life decisions. I am free from food and drink during that time. I recommend fasting at least one time per month as a spiritual maintenance plan. Additionally, I will fast for others who are spiritually sick or need energetic support if I feel compelled to do so.  I find that fasting in groups or for someone is powerful. Two spirits are better than one in achieving help from above. Consider joining with your partner, friend or other loved one to launch a spiritual circle of support while setting the intention inward.

A three day juice fast for me seems to provide a physical reset of my cravings and addictions. Along with lots of water and prayer I feel fantastic by day three! I feel such a sense of peace and self-love after a successful fast. My body feels lighter and I am taught that I am stronger than I think. When I mediate during this time, I feel a higher sensitivity to the whisperings of my soul because the body is put in check. I feel spirit driven not ego driven. I allow divine inspiration closer.    

Your body knows just what you need to be healthy, trust the body it is smarter than you are.  We often forget how to listen to our bodies and fasting allows our spiritual ears to dial in. Harvest spiritual food and fast forward to live the best version of your life.  You may be hungry but you won’t be empty.

Live Inspired,

Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

God is Love

God Is Love even on the streets of New York

Dear Beautiful Souls,

I was walking down the streets of New York hand in hand with a date, when I noticed him. All smiles in a conversation I looked down and my heart dropped, as I saw a homeless man in a sleeping bag on the curb of a church. Right next to him there was a sign on a gate that said, “God is love.” I had a profound moment with my soul and I wondered, “How can I find His love in this situation?” I felt the intensity of sadness wrestle with my mind’s capacity to process that view.  The concept that one of God’s children was living amongst the dust of the New York night jarred me.  Along my feet was a son of someone. My playfulness of exploring the city changed into an opportunity to question the ways of the world. As a sensitive to other’s souls, I had to resist my desire to get a heavenly view of who he was. Like many others who may have crossed his sidewalk home, I kept walking. I tried to pretend I was unbothered and continued my conversation with my beau attempting to stay present in the moment of being carefree.

I guess that image never left me, because I still think of him much like Anthony the lost boy I saw a few weeks prior. This is my second experience understanding that the homeless are our teachers. They remind of us of the fragility of how a few decisions could lead to aloneness and the enrollment in the school of real survival. I think how these men may have to rely on the generosity of a stranger to feed or clothe them. The humility of laying your head on concrete to simply rest your body, wow… I am stirred. 

So, I begged the question to my spirit. Where was God’s love? Where was He in that moment?

My answer came as a whisper in my ear, “within me.”  Although speaking no words, that man asleep who lay along my path taught me. He served me in the example of his life, that in despite of the circumstances you are given you stick it out. You rest and when you wake up alive, thank God and keep begging to live. You understand although you have circumstances that are not desirable you still show up and give it another try.

You many even ask, “Why should I try?”  

I believe you try because at the very least, someone needs YOU to learn. If that man had not been lying there on that curb, I would not have felt God’s love for me in that moment. He was serving his purpose, by being an example to not quit. 


We live our purpose even in the weak moments, or feelings of defeat because we all have a story to share. The resilience of the human spirit is the catalyst to understand our design that is manufactured for greatness. Smallness is tallness. To be humble and to take in the lessons of hardship is to know the height at which you will leap to awareness.  

God is love because he gave us each other. We are not here alone living life on earth. We are one of millions of people all taking a breath right now, heart beating in our chest and alive for one more day.  I believe we all chose to be born and contribute to evolution.

So, what is the purpose now that you are here? KNOW that GOD is Love.

Seek His love in every occasion. Search for love in every circumstance. Surrender to His love in every choice. Ask, “How can I show myself or others God’s love when I am faced with difficulty?” You will know the answer, when the answer is coupled with a peaceful feeling. Your intuitive truth will always be paired with a feeling in the heart and the gut. Your mind is where you go to sort out the scenario and the heart and gut is where you go to feel the verdict. 

Today chose love. Pretend you have never felt love before and let love feel brand new. Allow love to swell in your belly and pound in your chest. Remember those moments when you felt the most love and visualize that emotional experience. Those memories will keep you going until you make new ones. Love is Letting Others View your Expansion.  The expansion of love in your spirit is infinite. Shifting your view begins by finding God’s love in whatever box your learning comes wrapped in. The gift is in the receiving of the lesson and you determine the value of the experience. Having spiritual presence is like unto the bow on top of the box.  Living is the present and our connection to each other always makes the gift of life more beautiful. LOVE IS YOU. LOVE IS US. LOVE IS GOD. BE LOVE. GIVE LOVE. KNOW LOVE.


Live Inspired,


Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive




Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Prayer Changes Things

Dear Beautiful Souls,

You ever have one of those days where no matter how hard you try things just don’t go your way? You know how it goes...the frustration kicks in and you resolve to the idea you may have been better off just staying in bed. Yep, we have all had those moments and for me that was yesterday. I spent the whole day going from one task to another feeling defeated and annoyed. As I sat on the train trying to figure out why I faced so much resistance, the thought came to my mind, “you did not use your intuition or pray and ask for help once.” Newsflash! I am a Spiritual Intuitive... “Wow,” I thought, “this was so true,” and I laughed at myself. Despite the epiphany, I still continued to pout, but I began to wonder, “Was that the lesson in this day, to be reminded of the contrast of what life is like with and without guidance from above?” Well folks, I think that was the case.
Many of us go throughout our day, zipping from one task to another taking the world on all alone because we simply forget to ask for help. Is it really that simple, just ask? Absolutely! After my terrible Tuesday, I got on my knees and wept and decided to let go of everything that got in my mind’s way. I can tell you my feelings of inadequacy, frustration and disappointment quickly left my body and I was able to release the left overs of defeat. I reconnected to my father above who I know loves me and wasted no opportunity to teach me in a loving way. I was reminded I do need him and that he has not left my side EVER. I left him out of my plans and ran out of the door because I decided I did not have time to take the few moments I needed to reconnect to my spirit. The consequences were great and the old coping mechanisms of self-harm started to cloud my thoughts.

I will confess Magnolia Bakery was calling my name as I sat angry in Grand Central Station. Luckily for me, my desire to succor my feelings in cupcakes did not win last night although the cupcakes may have been bought. The beautiful red velvet cupcake of escape is still sitting nicely in its box. Who am I kidding? The cupcake will be eaten eventually, but yesterday it would have been a drug...today it’s simply dessert.  

In a nut shell, prayer simply changes things. I have lived with a plaque in my bedroom that states that very statement for years. I have often looked up from my bed and read those little words and I have gotten on my knees and felt taller than when standing. I have felt the arms of the Creator, wrap around me in many hours of weakness, leaving my heart full. He is there. You spirit will whisper to you the words you need to hear, simply kneel down, speak and feel from within.

How do you pray?

1.     Start with the intention to receive inspiration.

2.     Listen in silence.

3.     Invite stillness and quiet inside your spirit.  

4.     Speak your truth. The good, bad and the ugly needs to be expressed in raw form.  

5.     Open your heart and wait for the peace to flow in.  

6.     Look for patterns as to how you receive inspiration. Ask yourself, “Do I have a feeling? Do I just know what I am supposed to do? Do I hear words? Do I see an image of the situation?” These are all forms of how personal revelation takes shape.

7.     Lean in and partake in the information you are receiving. Write down ideas, ask questions, or draw an image with no filter of judgement and fear.

8.     Understand that prayer is an active exercise. It takes practice and showing up is half of the battle.

9.     Allow your faith to grow. Test God and ask him to show you how he will communicate to you and if He is there.

10.  Remember participating in prayer is not a race, it is a destination. Your prayers will change and the answers will become more easily interpreted as you become more vulnerable and allow Him in.

11.  Never quit.  Prayer is the call you always want to make. Even if you feel alone, angry or unheard pick up your spiritual phone and dial home. He always answers, takes collection calls, and will never put you on hold.

Living inspired is to live informed, of His plan for you. How will you ever know how He can help you if you do not ask? Prayer is there to bring you closer to the real you. The windows of heaven open to hear your cries, and the voices of your spiritual guides will reveal themselves if you chose to listen. Pray always and discover the spiritual map to your rest. Find inside what has always been there and you have forgotten. Prayer is like extending your hand when you are unstable in your grip and you are climbing a mountain. He is there at the top, waiting to pull you up and let you see the terrain is easier to overcome with his help.


Live Inspired,


Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

His Name Was Anthony and He Changed Me

Dear Beautiful Souls,

Along the sidewalks of New York, you find them. I noticed the lost children on a Thursday around midnight at Union Square. They were playing double dutch and I decided to stop and observe how they found joy in such a hard edged place. Laughter and their incessant desire to keep trying even when the ropes fell brought a smile to my face. Lost in that moment, I ignored the brokenness of the city until I saw him. His name was Anthony and we locked eyes almost immediately as I broke my stare from the game. I could tell he needed something from me and I smiled at him with my eyes and mouth. He attempted his luck at jump rope and then gently approached me. I greeted him and he asked my name. I politely shared who I was and then my intuition began to kick in. I could see hopelessness in his countenance and I told him that I knew he was lost.

He softly replied, “Yes I’m lost” and explained he was originally from Washington D.C. I asked why he was so far away from home and he shared that a violent exchange occurred with his family and he had to leave. He stated he did not know how he landed there and shared his stories of instability within in his mind and body.  Realizing he was homeless and suffered from mental and medical illness, I felt compelled to pray with him, not knowing what else to do to offer him comfort. He agreed and I placed my hand on his shoulder and prayed the mightiest prayer I could think of. I asked God to watch over him and send angels to aid in his safe return home and to provide him with comfort to know he was loved. Anthony looked up at me with tears streaming down his face, and my heart was pricked.

In a moment near midnight my heart was tender to know that this soul felt something from above. He shared that he was just so sad and continued to weep. He placed his hands up in front of his face and I placed my two hands up next to his and sent him love from the prayer in my heart. Holding back tears I felt a soul to soul connection with a stranger who is someone’s son and brother. I felt the noise of the park leave my ears and I felt like the whole world took a breath and I felt sense of peace. The compassion and love I felt for this boy changed something inside of me. I knew that I was supposed to meet him and that all things that day had led me there.

I recalled my emotional prayers that morning because my grandmother had just died the day before and I was disappointed I was not with her. I needed comfort and asked God to help me serve others in a way that would please Him so I could distract myself from my pain. I had been frustrated because my stay in New York was far longer than originally planned, so I surrendered to his will to get me home when it was the right time.  I was supposed to leave on a plane that afternoon, but my flight got canceled. I had no idea why I would be in town one more day until I met Anthony. I knew my prayers had been answered but the strange thing is that I felt like I was the one who got served.

 I felt so close to God when I got the privilege to share a hug with this precious soul. Yes, he had lost his way on his journey, but I kept thinking maybe I was the one needing to be found, so that I could understand humanity’s need for pure love. I felt inspired to give him the cash in my pocket and asked him to have a good meal that night. He cried again and tried to refuse my gift. I put my hands of his face and wiped his tears and told him to find his way back home. He shook his head and I gave him one last hug and I walked away not sure quite how to process the experience. I joined hands with my friend waiting on me nearby and exhaled. As I walked away, I looked back to offer Anthony one more smile and he had already disappeared into the sea of people.

I was moved inside my spirit to have the honor to stand on the street and hear his story. Anthony gave me a reason to keep going and be a light worker. He proved to me in that moment by being present that I could receive the opportunity to connect with my soul and his. This was a mutual exchange of learning, service and energy. He taught me what can happen when we lose our way back home. He showed me the pain that comes from forgetting where we belong.

Do you feel like you have lost your way home?

If so, this is what I believe and learned from Anthony because I was allowed to experience the compassion of God through him. We belong to our Father in heaven. He will always wipe our tears and will send us angels when we are in trouble. He will give us just what we need even we do not even ask for it. He will still show us compassion when we decide to play games in the night and chose not to rest. He will cry with us and extend his hands to give us love if we place them out in vulnerability. He will hug us even when we are dirty and have not taken the best of care of ourselves. He will listen to us when we are sad and our bodies ache. He is there and will always find us even if we do not want to be found. We can always turn back from doing the journey our way and find safety in Him. He has given us a way to call him when we need help and the number is P-R-A-Y-E-R.    

I have thought of Anthony every day since our lives crossed paths. I think of where he is and how is doing. I can only imagine how much our Father feel’s the same way about us. I gave Anthony my business card and said for him to call me if he made it home, because I wanted him to find motivation in being found again. God does that to us, he asks us to contact him so that we can be found again. He will motivate us by giving us blessings; consider taking the time to identify them.

How can you be found? Decide to not be lost. Seek people of light. Place yourself in surroundings that remind you of heaven. Understand that your spirit is the commodity, not your body or intellect. Run in fervor with all you heart and in all you do. Plant roots with those who help you grow. Continue to smile even after the tears.  Ask Him in prayer ANYTHING and when all else fails give service. Maybe you will find you own Anthony. Maybe Anthony is even you. If you feel alone, I am here and I will cry with you. We are meant to do this together. Ask for rest in your sorrows and for healing.  To be homeless is to not know the place by which you came from. You home is with Him, and your spirit resides their always. We are the ones who forget, but he will never let you be forgotten.


Live Inspired,


Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive


Wednesday, April 15, 2015

For the Love of Ruth

Dear Beautiful Souls,

I imagine that in those final moments before death, when we are gasping for air that we are wondering did my life matter. Taking a breath is the first thing we do when we are born and the last thing we do before we die.  We probably will never quite understand the gift of breathing until our spirit lets go in the final breath to begin again.   

 I am feeling heavy hearted as my grandmother whom I was named after is preparing to leave this earth and meet her maker. Tears trickle down my cheek to think I have lost two grandparents within a few months. Although it is the circle of life, and I see behind the scenery of the earth there is still mourning for those I love and loose. I have learned there is magnificence that comes after the spirit leaves the earthly body because I believe in the afterlife. Part of my professional purpose is to prove the soul does live on.  As a medium, usually I am interpreting messages from the other side for strangers, but today I looked into to heaven to find my grandmother. She is lingering in ICU, and I can already see the spirits encircling her body preparing her to enter the door of light to heaven. Even in the somberness I find peace that we are never alone. Whether in birth, life or death I believe some Being brings us, carries us, and receive us.  Our spirit guides or angels are always nearby our soul ready to serve.

How do I know? I know because I hear, see, and feel the whisperings. I feel peace when I receive the messages and get insight so detailed the whisperings cannot be explained away. I hear my grandmother’s spirit talking to me and know she must choose her final time of peace in death.

My Grandmother’s name is Ruth Elizabeth, and her life mattered. She was a renaissance woman. She created life with her body and business with her mind.  She wore her hair strawberry red until the end, reminding us of the reason for the childhood nickname “red” which complimented her rosy cheeks and smile. She was stern but generous in heart. Her legacy was that of believing in God unwavering and living the simple life in spite of her access to have more. She loved fried fish with hushpuppies and McDonald’s sausage biscuits on Fridays. She was always in toe with her three sisters exploring the southern happenings of life, which to observe them would remind you of an episode of Designing Women. She loved jewelry, collecting antiques and crystal birds and always refused to be slowed down by her walker. A few months back I asked her why she felt she was created, and she looked at me defensively and said, “To work.” I think she noticed my sadness and then asked me the same. I said my purpose was to serve others. I realized we were saying the same things, although I do not think she ever understood her worth even in her last days.  She expressed near her death she felt peace within but I wondered if she knew how much she contributed to the world.

Do you know how much you contribute to the world?

So many of us think we are insignificant and do not count. We may even think that our day to day practices are under appreciated or unimportant. I can tell you that work is important, you matter and so does your life.  We often take for granted the design of our creation and forget the magical force that manifested the breath we take or thoughts we make. We linger too much on the stress and strains and not enough on the greatness and gains. The delicacy of life reminds me of how to not think about the win or lose but more on the heart and beat of living. We are all just one moment away of having an end, as no one can count the numbers in our days.  Just like when a flower dies, with every end there is always a seed that remains to be planted. I believe our God or however you define the vastness of what some may say is the unproven is infinite. I believe we have no ends, only beginnings to another chapter of our story.

We all have a specific purpose for why we are here. Allow your soul to speak to you as a lover, and begin to live in the jeans or body of your soul.  In the night, be the light only you can give. Reach out for help and never forget to hear in quiet places. Focus not on death…but the rebirth of getting another chance.  

Ask yourself why am I here? What is my purpose and how do I live it?

God is there waiting to tell you, but he will not always make it so obvious. Work to know him. Work to know your soul. Work to live inspired so when you are at end of the journey and let go you don’t ask yourself what if. Settle into the uniqueness of your own beauty and be present. Take notice, look in the mirror and reflect upon your divinity. Know you are here to be heard. Step into who you are and be honest as to who you are not. It is not about how you started life or the circumstances you were born into, but how you finish at the last breath.  


Live Inspired,


Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive


Thursday, April 9, 2015

For the Mile High Club

Dear Beautiful Souls,

As I sat on the front row of my plane heading to New York, I pondered about the dead solider that was traveling with us to his family and his final resting place. I was wondering why I was picking up such a massive headache and then I was given the answer from my intuitive voice. He died due to a head trauma and I began to feel his energy intensely. I could see the dead soldier in my mind’s eye and he appeared to me wearing his camouflage fatigues. He was hovering nearby the solider sitting across from me on the plane who had been assigned to escort his body home. I could feel the dead soldier’s desperation of wanting to communicate to his family through me. It broke my heart to feel a spirit feeling so unsettled worrying about his mother’s ability to cope with his loss. I asked the officer if he would pass my card along to the family, so I could perhaps offer myself as a vessel to aid in their healing. I was flying standby and I was asked to get off and on the plane three times. I wondered if the universe arranged my connection to this particular flight so I could serve this spirit. I am humbled and in awe of the gift I have. Although it is often met with tears as I experience the feelings of the ones I help, I get the blessing of connecting people to our maker almost daily.

He is real you know, God that is. I see his helpers…the angels, spirit guides and the souls passing through to heaven. It is just my normal and sometimes I become overwhelmed by the sacredness of life and spiritual orchestra that is playing all around us.

 As I was processing yet again another profound experience with spirit, I was staring at the southwest airline logo on the wall in front of me. The logo is a red heart with silver wings attached to it, or what looks like a flying heart. I began to think about how the heart is the gateway to all healing that we need and helps us maneuver our flight in this human experience.

Your heart is the copilot of the soul. I think that is why so many of us protect and guard it so. The heart is where we feel the most beautiful form of love and also where we feel the most pain. The heart is the vehicle by which we experience insights and spiritual miracles. I have to consciously turn my heart on and ask my clients to do the same so I can hear their soul’s voice and access higher consciousness when I serve them. I believe if we all would just allow our heart to be turned on more, we could fly to a place of more peace and higher enlightenment.

Love is of the soul. Fear is of the ego. Pure love allows us to take risks in faith and gives permission to the universe or God to provide us with our path. Pure fear co-creates with us, a place of judgement and separateness from the body and spirit and lends us to controlling behaviors and distrust.

Do you operate from a place of love or a place of fear? If you are not sure, look at how you measure your success. Is the measure of your happiness based on physical things and/or accomplishments, or is it based on you living through your soul’s purpose in love?

 Having success or material wealth is not the issue, it is the condition by which we obtain them that is perhaps something to consider. When we operate from our heart or inner co-pilot we will not fail. Even if heart break is the outcome of a decision, we still have not lost.  Heartbreak or as I refer to it as “soul exercise” is the way we learn. Heart work is hard work. Some blood, sweat and tears will be shed but the soul will be fed by colorful opportunities for growth. Avoiding the learning of the heart is like restricting the soul’s expansion.

In thinking more of my plane ride experience, I also thought of the concept of the mile high club. I chuckle when I think of this “club” identified as a “naughty” group of people who make love secretly on airplanes.  My kind of “mile high club” would actually consist of souls choosing in love, to connect to God by allowing their hearts to fly to him for help.

How do I connect to God’s love you may ask?

First, pack up your emotional baggage and board the plane to a destination where your heart and God are the co-pilots. Second, allow your trust to be your safety belt and if you panic reach for your face mask and breathe in faith. There will be turbulence or trouble, but remember he always provides you with flight attendants or spiritual guides to keep you calm and provide instruction. Do not forget to look out the window down below where things or objects in perspective are so small. Notice that the clouds of thoughts will move if you choose to look for the reveal of what is on the horizon, the beauty of the soul. The sunrise and sunset are proof there is a design and order to God where we all get second chances in the sky we are traveling through. He knows where and how high we must journey to reach our destination home. Enlist your heart, travel in love and just be present in the flying. Just as that soldier sacrificed his life for our country, sacrifice your fear and surrender your life to the captain and no longer be captive. You are never alone.


Live Inspired,


Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

For Sickness and in Health

Dear Beautiful Souls,

So, I have spent the last week lying in bed making every promise to God to free me from my horrible plague. I do not know exactly what I had but I can tell you I was miserable. You know those times when you are so sick, that you feel like you are going to die and you promise God,  when you get better you will  appreciate your health more? This was one of those moments. I swear, I confessed to God every sin I could think of, but it still took nearly a week to free my body of the enemy virus. So, in normal fashion I evaluated what brought me to this place of total body shut down.  What I concluded is that my illness came down to my lack of taking care of my spiritual and physical energy, let me explain.

I believe we are energetic beings constantly responding to the energy around us. Being a medium, I am extremely sensitive to EVERYTHING around me. I had been traveling on planes, trains, subways and giving many spiritual readings for weeks. Part of my regular spiritual maintenance is to take care of myself through various exercises but sometimes even for me, it becomes too much and I become overloaded with energetic garbage. For the average person, energetic garbage may come in the form of a headache or stomach ache or even bad mood. This is because many times, what we feel does not even belong to us; it belongs to someone or something else. You may have noticed that when you get off the phone or speak to someone at work you feel drained or irritable. This is a classic symptom of an energetic exchange where you picked up someone else’s emotional/spiritual “stuff.” 

To further illustrate this, I want to provide you with an example as to how I experience the energy of others. One day, while traveling home on a plane, I began to suddenly feel extremely nauseous and have a headache. Knowing that I am an empathic being and I often feel other people’s emotions or feelings, I asked myself, “does this belong to me?” My intuitive voice, simple replied, “no.” I then asked my spiritual guides or intuition who these symptoms were coming from. I immediately, felt the gentleman sitting next to me on the plane. I observed he was sweaty, clammy, his hands were shaking, and he did not appear to feel well. As I looked over at him, we were landing and he stated he could not wait to get off the plane and have a drink at the bar. I knew right then he was experiencing classic symptoms of alcohol withdrawal and I was picking up his discomfort. Once I acknowledged where the feelings originated from and decided I would not continue to join in his physical experience, my discomfort immediately left.

I view energy like a blob of random matter or molecules that stick to everything. To me it looks like a cloud of dark haze that floats in a room. I believe these clouds of energy hold all the emotions or texture of a space and make like an energetic fingerprint or DNA imprint of the area. Many of us have experienced that feeling of walking into a particular space and thought, “I don’t like the vibe of this room.” That is because you are feeling the residue of whatever has happened in that space before.

As another example of this, one of my clients and I were speaking about this very topic and she explained she had just walked into a particular store to buy something. She stated upon entering the front door that she immediately felt stressed and feared for her safety.  Surprisingly, she was told that the store had just been held up at gunpoint and robbed moments before.

Her experience, demonstrates how we are energetic sponges that are constantly filtering out our experiences spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  Often we are too disconnected from our spirit to have awareness to what we come in contact with on a daily basis.

So, to help you with this concept, I want to provide you with basic steps on how to manage your energy.

1. Before you begin your day, set the intention to only hold on to what emotionally/spiritually/physically belongs to you and nothing more.

2. Imagine yourself in a bubble of light that completely encapsulates your entire body and energetic space, this should be about 5 feet around you in all directions. 

3. Upon visualizing yourself inside the bubble, establish the purpose that the bubble represents a protective layer, creating a barrier between yourself and others.

4. Maintain the bubble at all times, you may even need to inflate the bubble again especially before a meeting or call with someone who you know wears down your energy.

The energetic bubble is a great way to begin setting boundaries with those around us. You should notice you do not feel as exhausted or tired because you have established an intention of spiritual care. This is the first step to keeping a healthy spirit that is less inclined to get sick.

When I think of being so sick over the last week, I am reminded that our body operates as a barometer to inform us when we are must pay more attention to what we need.  Often our intuition will tell us when we are pushing ourselves too far. It is when we ignore the spirit that our body will quickly do its part to get us back on track. Our body is the glove to our spirit that acts like an internal mirror to our spirit’s condition. God has provided us with the tools to keep optimal spiritual and physical alignment to achieve our soul’s ultimate success. Remember to use your spiritual bubble to preserve your energy and health. Always ask if the feelings you are experiencing belong to you or someone else. Know that God does not want us to be responsible for other’s energetic garbage. Take out the spiritual trash that is making you sick and if you are not sure ask your intuition. Peace cannot be falsely duplicated and always indicates spiritual well-being. Dis-ease will cause disease within you. You cannot always control your environment but you can control the spiritual space you reside within. Pop the bubble of living inside a life you do not want, and end the spiritual sickness of ignoring your intuition. Be well and be free.  


Live Inspired,


Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

For the Love of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

March 25, 2015

For the Love of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Dear Beautiful Souls,

I found myself barefooted in the grass, hugging a tree last night. Exhausted, sick, depleted I felt desperate to feel connected to the universal healing energy of mother earth. I have been working non- stop for weeks and without much view of an ending, I wanted to give up. I spend a lot of my life now serving others as a healing medium. These are those moments when I feel like I just cannot give anymore. I understand though I was called from a higher place to share my gifts of light, and as they old saying goes, “where much is given, much is required.” So, even though my body is weak with illness, I will not give up and trust the words of wisdom God has inspired me to share. I need words of encouragement today, and I am sure you do to.

Giving up, what does that look like? To me that’s surrendering to a position that I quit. I stop having faith that the tasks at hand are overcoming my ability to keep moving forward, obvious definition right? There are many times I have felt this way in my life. I would fuss at God, cry, or maybe even throw an adult tantrum when things would not go my way. I would resist the lesson in the pain, I would not heed to the warnings that my intuition said I needed to do because I wanted to do it my way. Even though I know the grave consequences of not following inner truth, I too can still be stubborn.

This reminds me of a story recently that I still chuckle at.  As stated in my previous blogs, I struggle with managing my weight and have a sugar problem. I have realized my love of sugar really kicks into high gear when my energy is particularly low and I need a quick boost to keep going through my day. One day, after hours of clients, I found myself searching for a treat at the local convenient store. Debating with myself and knowing the sugar hit was a coping mechanism, I walked in and out of two stores empty handed. Battling with myself, I began to drive. I often find myself talking to my Spirit Guides about my need for sugar. For those who do not know Spirit Guides or as some may call angels, are heavenly beings that I believe help us in our human experience. I have an intimate relationship with them and they have very distinct personalities. Spirit Guides assist me in doing my work as a medium, and interpret messages from heaven so to speak. I believe we all have a team of beings that assist us and are a source of intuitive guidance.

So, as a sat at a stop light, I had the great idea that I wanted Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I began negotiating with my guides if I could go and get some. I heard my guides clearly say, “It’s not in your best interest and you won’t get any today.”  I had been asking them to help me with my addiction to sugar because I know how I feel when the crash comes and the harm it causes in my body. Unfortunately, the human side of me was not happy with that answer and I proceeded to enter the Krispy Kreme drive through anyway. I rationalized with myself, I would only have two doughnuts because that was reasonable and I deserved it after my hard day at work.

As I pulled up to the window to retrieve my reward, I was greeted by a smiling young man. As I grabbed   money to pay, he stated, “ma’am, I apologize we are out of doughnuts, would you like something else instead?” I looked at him, and just shook my head and laughed. What are the chances that Krispy Kreme would be out of doughnuts? My spirit guides were right. I was not getting any today. They always know, and in some ways I felt relieved I was saved from a moment of doughnut insanity.

You would think I would have learned my lesson from this experience, especially when God essentially answered my prayers. I had been praying to be free from my sugar addiction and have a healthy body daily. I was reminded yet again, God will give us what we ask him for, even if we forget or change our mind. I was at peace with this concept, until Friday showed up. It was the end of a very stressful week and on my way home, I felt pretty empty and the urge came again for a quick pick me up. So, as you may have guessed it, Krispy Kreme began calling my name. This time, I decided to not illicit the feedback from my Spirit Guides. I pushed on the gas and went straight to the drive through. With my classic all or nothing attitude, I opted to buy an entire dozen of doughnuts. Yep, my rebellious nature won and I was HAVING THEM ALL!

How many times have you done that? Have you asked God for help with something and when he does provide the answer your rebel against it? This happens a lot to me when the answer does not come in the design or way I may have chosen.  This is often because our human side or ego thinks it knows what is best for us. I can tell you when I went home and devoured those doughnuts I was so disappointed. Yes, the first one or two was tasty but by the 6th doughnut I was so sick and felt like a complete failure. I realized that he saved me from myself the first time because I asked him too. The second time I decided to ignore help and do it my way. He will always let us learn our way, because He loves us. He even knows, sometimes his hardheaded daughter may need to have a stomach ache to remember the big picture.

Quitting and succumbing to old patterns of behavior has consequences. When we quit we do not allow ourselves to grow, and develop into the perfected beings he has created us to be. I can assure you, that God will not let us fail, and he will present us with the same lesson over and over again until we pass the test with an A+. You may have noticed you have dated the same girl or guy over and over again with a different name or different set of clothes. You may struggle with the same addictions or shortcomings, thinking you have overcome them already and yet again they reveal themselves in a new way.  That is the test. He gives us the same one with different circumstances until we have passed with flying colors. We determine the length of the lesson and how much pain we will endure based on our choices.

So, what I have learned is even if you want to quit, He will not let us anyway. We can attempt to avoid the lessons and avoid pain but the opportunity to overcome and be successful will present itself no matter what. He will find us, even in darkness, even in illness because he wants us to win. Life is about giving in to the sweet surrender of allowing failure or defeat to be our teacher. In the moments of weakness we can choose to quit and rebel against His love and ignore the intuitive voice that holds our truth and do it our way. We can also decide to listen and reflect upon previous experience moving to the next lesson. It is the difference of taking a bite out of the doughnut for comfort or choosing to address the need for the spiritual craving.

I am sick today, because yet again I have not taken care of my body. No, I did not indulge this time in sweets; instead I did not exercise good self-care in other ways. Same lesson, different set of circumstances, did not pass the test again. But, this time instead of opting to find love from a doughnut I found it in a tree and am calling in the powers of God help me not quit. Progress I think.



Live Inspired,


Amy Brock , Spiritual Intuitive


Monday, March 23, 2015

For the Beggars of Heaven and Earth

Dear Beautiful Souls,

As I traveled through the tunnel kingdom of the New York City subway, I noticed the unnoticed. Maybe it was the music of my spiritual playlist that made them come up in my consciousness, but I definitely saw them differently. I went to a deeper place to REALLY SEE the spirits of the beggars. For those who have never traveled to NYC, the beggars are like characters that make their debut on the world stage of the passersby. Due to the buzz of the city, I am almost certain numbness begins to overcome the awareness to these souls, which is why they get more creative. Some paint their body head to toe in gold glitter as they lie still in a position for photos. Some sing, “You are my sunshine”…going from train to train as a trio. Some are blind and use their guiding stick to surf the subway and others form a band or rap hip hop, hoping to be discovered. Let’s not forgot the traditional ones too, who take the usual simple route and just ask for our energy in the form of money. All the while we higher evolved beggars continue on our way with our ear phones on, as we rush in the fog of disconnection to our job, home, or the next big Broadway show.

On one particular morning, as I sat on the subway I was joined by a young man in his early twenties. He was obsessively using chalk to sketch images of faces. Shortly thereafter a group of college boys joined the car energetic for the St. Patty’s day festivities to begin. The man child beside me immediately got agitated because his space was perceived to be violated by one of the college boys.
Knowing this was not accurate, I observed a heated exchanged that seemed as if it had all the makings of a bad ending. I tried to distract the young man and asked him about his art. He explained to me in scattered speech he was just looking for peace to create because he lived in Harlem and was tired of all the shootings. His attention span to my attempt at distracting him obviously failed, when he stood up and started to lean in towards the innocent college boy.
I began to pray for peace to enter the train, and called on my spiritual guides to step in for our safety. I observed that many people kept listening to their music or texted on their phones ignoring the disruption of our numbness. Some moved to the back of the train and others looked on in fear. Tears started to fill my eyes because I realized this boy was yet another beggar. His energy request was peace for his art and mind.  I found it ironic as one of his sketches was that of Christ, a widely held peacemaker.  In my attempts to heal the situation and selfishly avoid a bad day, I raised my voice to the confused college boy. I said, “go in peace because not all of us have the gift of our mind, you did nothing wrong.” The artist decided to leave the train declaring it unfit for his masterpiece and hurried on his way. You could tell the college boy felt embarrassed and on edge, fairly committed to his position of defense.
Feeling emotional, tears again filled my eyes as I moved to my next transfer and looked at myself in the window of the subway car. I reflected and embraced the reality that I too am a beggar. My begging just looks differently than his. I beg for my body to be perfected, I beg for God to bring me love and children, I beg for these words to matter, and I beg for my spirit to not ache.
We are all beggars. We all need attention, safety and love. We all need space to create and feel peace in our mind. We all have the need to feel fairness when we are wronged and we all need the opportunity to let it go and forgive. The more I observe and become present the more I notice the mirrors around me that share God’s treasures of wisdom.
How are you a beggar?
Do you paint yourself with self-abuse and hide it in glitter, so that no one sees what is concealed underneath? Do you sing a song of counterfeit happiness, when it really should be a battle cry for help? Do you walk blindly ignoring your soul’s voice that tells of the REAL YOU?
If you answered, “yes” to any of the questions above the first remedy to let go of the pain of begging is to STOP BEING NUMB.

Listen to what your soul is asking you to do, say or feel. Your true intuitive guidance will reveal itself. One way to do this is by, imagining a current situation you’re concerned about or trying to make a decision on.  Next, picture yourself in the outcome for choice number one and choice number too. Notice how your body or spirit feels when you visualize that outcome.
Do you feel fear, symptoms of nervousness or sick to your stomach? OR Do you feel loved, relaxed, excited, or peaceful? Your body is a clear barometer for our temperature of truth as you are learning how your intuition manifests within you. The hardest part is TRUST of self, because sometimes you will be surprised how you react during each visualization exercise.
God begs us to come and ask him for spiritual energy that you can use for the wealth of your life. I encourage you to take his hand and beg yourself for truth, even if it comes through the vehicle of pain. You will not be alone, just as I was not in that moment I had to call on my spiritual guides for safety. We all have guides or angels that govern our life’s successful completion. Be your own guide to living a life of spiritual begging. Begging is not the problem. Beginning is.

Live Inspired,

Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

For the Hunger of the Soul

Dear Beautiful Souls,

            What are you hungry for? What does your body tell you when it speaks? I am eating a chocolate chip cookie as I am writing this and dissecting these very questions. I had been off sugar and eating well for a few weeks and then I caved to the slippery slope of emotional eating. Ugh! I know I abandon myself every time I eat excessive amounts of sugar or some delightful rescuing carb to eliminate loss and swallow my emptiness. My body has been overweight all of my life and is the byproduct of that vicious cycle. The body I have fought to make better has quietly rebelled against me again.

               I have always felt that I would never be loveable until my body was a size 8. When I look back at my life, I have experienced love a few times but I guess because those relationships did not work out I thought my unlovable theory was legitimate. This came up for me again a few days ago, when I saw the man I have been dating for a while. It really hurts when you care for someone and it just doesn’t work out especially when it seems like it would. 

               In the last several months, I had been pondering about how I am going to do things differently in relationships. Maybe take a risky, ballsy new approach… stay only until the lesson is done. I prayed the morning I broke up with him. I asked God to show me what I needed to know. My boyfriend revealed that my excess weight would be a limit to our romantic evolution although we had logged many hours together. Yes, tears fell when those words were spoken, but I realized he did me a favor; he spoke his truth. He again made me face my truth of feeling not good enough. I believe we all have those moments when the very thing we fear the most hits us smack in the face. I think we attract our fears because somewhere inside we have to face them to be free from our disillusioned self. My counterfeit self has been leading my brain and my body for a long time.

               I realized that my belief that love equals a skinny me, has actually been what has caused an unhealthy me. Isn’t it funny how the body sets us up to overcome spiritual inadequacy? It’s almost like my body is resisting becoming healthier until I believe that true love only requires self-acceptance first.

               I am on my fifth personal trainer. I am always hoping THIS ONE will help me obtain freedom from what I have always believed was an imprisoned image. This nearly 300 pound woman has been running nearly a mile every workout and all that I had to do was believe I could do it with the help of a loving coach. It only took a few weeks of practice with short intervals alternating between running and walking for my body to adjust. My body is so capable, powerful and forgiving. My body has allowed me to run with all this emotional baggage/protection that is visible for the world to see.  It has proven it will carry me thick or thin, weak or strong, as long as I do not give up on it. My body has let me experience 37 years of life, created a child and is without any current health problems. Some would say my body is perfectly performing. It even protects my soul from intruders by signaling my gut instinct and tells me with symptoms of fatigue when I have pushed myself too far.

               Our spirit is much like our body. Even when we allow our ego to rule our decisions it still will send signals. We will feel depressed or have anxiety when the spirit is not aligned with our body or actions. It will never abandon us because the moment you ask for it to speak to you it will. Maybe you grab a drink or cigarette to ignore your soul, or stick around too long in a dead end job or relationship. We all have our drugs of choice that allows us to escape imperfections and break from our realities of not feeling good enough. I know I do. I continue to battle how to measure self-worth even after proving my ability to perform at high levels and be loveable. I think the real test comes when and if we decide to give up. I believe through the tears and anger and dozens of chocolate chip cookies, there is something inside me that says you simply have to let go. It’s a little voice in my head that I hear and I feel it from my heart. The intuitive spark or signal inside fights for me to make it.

               How do you hear or feel intuition you might ask? In the beginning, when you try to get to know your intuition, the voice inside your head and heart may seem soft because you have to lean in to learn the tone or feeling. I promise you that if you practice listening to the subtleties of the whispers they will become louder and clearer. Once you recognize your intuitive voice, you next have to do the hardest part TRUST. It takes trial and error with short burst of trusting and following until you fully run on intuition alone.   Trust is especially hard because you cannot control the outcomes. We are taught in society that if we follow the rules; achieve certain milestones, or reach higher levels of success then we will be happy. Not always true. Our intuition will tell you where your true joy resides and it may not look like what you thought or were taught.  

               God gifted our intuitive light at birth because He did not want us to come here in our mortal state and fail.  Our intuition will tell us to move even if we feel like we cannot. Although we often think God is far away, He is actually right here inside of us. He just whispers and is more subtle than the revivals we see on television. We have been sold the image that God is grand and vast, which He is at times of necessity. But in the day to day interactions with Him, I have found that He wants me to sit still and simply listen within. I find Him actually louder inside me than outside of me. Ask Him to meet you inside your soul. He will meet you in that place that appears not good enough or even worthy to host Him. He actually likes visiting those who are the most broken because He teaches the humble more successfully. We are able to receive the gifts of learning in the vulnerability of not being enough.

           God was there when I felt rejected and I prayed for his understanding as to why another failed relationship involved my body blame game. He has been there every time I work out and fear being able to. I have called His name to carry me, as I ran up hills during the Florida heat and thought I just would not make it one more step. He has proven to me that he shows up to hold me when I am falling short. This body that I thought was inept is taking me the distance. My spirit inside tells me that I am able to push beyond my perceived physical or spiritual limits.

               My body image journey is far from over but I can tell you I am winning. I only ate one cookie instead of three. I chose to not stay with someone that could not love all of me, rolls and all. I asked for guidance and it was given. The man I cared for was an amazing person in spite of the unsuccessful coupling. He was my soulmate, my teacher. He taught me what I needed to know. I am stronger and my intuition tells me my love story is still not written. My true love is me. My soul tells me so. I am curious to see how far my body will take me, and until then, I believe my intuition will lead the way. God knows the path. Hopefully I can be one of your teammates, running the marathon of life. The spirit always wins in the end. Let it lead you to the finish line. The winner’s tape is waiting to break, are you ready to run with me? He sends people to guide us spiritually and physically. Just like I have a fitness trainer to get my body stronger, we have a built in spiritual trainer. Your intuition boot camp begins now. Get spiritually fit and listen.



Live Inspired,


Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive