Monday, March 23, 2015

For the Beggars of Heaven and Earth

Dear Beautiful Souls,

As I traveled through the tunnel kingdom of the New York City subway, I noticed the unnoticed. Maybe it was the music of my spiritual playlist that made them come up in my consciousness, but I definitely saw them differently. I went to a deeper place to REALLY SEE the spirits of the beggars. For those who have never traveled to NYC, the beggars are like characters that make their debut on the world stage of the passersby. Due to the buzz of the city, I am almost certain numbness begins to overcome the awareness to these souls, which is why they get more creative. Some paint their body head to toe in gold glitter as they lie still in a position for photos. Some sing, “You are my sunshine”…going from train to train as a trio. Some are blind and use their guiding stick to surf the subway and others form a band or rap hip hop, hoping to be discovered. Let’s not forgot the traditional ones too, who take the usual simple route and just ask for our energy in the form of money. All the while we higher evolved beggars continue on our way with our ear phones on, as we rush in the fog of disconnection to our job, home, or the next big Broadway show.

On one particular morning, as I sat on the subway I was joined by a young man in his early twenties. He was obsessively using chalk to sketch images of faces. Shortly thereafter a group of college boys joined the car energetic for the St. Patty’s day festivities to begin. The man child beside me immediately got agitated because his space was perceived to be violated by one of the college boys.
Knowing this was not accurate, I observed a heated exchanged that seemed as if it had all the makings of a bad ending. I tried to distract the young man and asked him about his art. He explained to me in scattered speech he was just looking for peace to create because he lived in Harlem and was tired of all the shootings. His attention span to my attempt at distracting him obviously failed, when he stood up and started to lean in towards the innocent college boy.
I began to pray for peace to enter the train, and called on my spiritual guides to step in for our safety. I observed that many people kept listening to their music or texted on their phones ignoring the disruption of our numbness. Some moved to the back of the train and others looked on in fear. Tears started to fill my eyes because I realized this boy was yet another beggar. His energy request was peace for his art and mind.  I found it ironic as one of his sketches was that of Christ, a widely held peacemaker.  In my attempts to heal the situation and selfishly avoid a bad day, I raised my voice to the confused college boy. I said, “go in peace because not all of us have the gift of our mind, you did nothing wrong.” The artist decided to leave the train declaring it unfit for his masterpiece and hurried on his way. You could tell the college boy felt embarrassed and on edge, fairly committed to his position of defense.
Feeling emotional, tears again filled my eyes as I moved to my next transfer and looked at myself in the window of the subway car. I reflected and embraced the reality that I too am a beggar. My begging just looks differently than his. I beg for my body to be perfected, I beg for God to bring me love and children, I beg for these words to matter, and I beg for my spirit to not ache.
We are all beggars. We all need attention, safety and love. We all need space to create and feel peace in our mind. We all have the need to feel fairness when we are wronged and we all need the opportunity to let it go and forgive. The more I observe and become present the more I notice the mirrors around me that share God’s treasures of wisdom.
How are you a beggar?
Do you paint yourself with self-abuse and hide it in glitter, so that no one sees what is concealed underneath? Do you sing a song of counterfeit happiness, when it really should be a battle cry for help? Do you walk blindly ignoring your soul’s voice that tells of the REAL YOU?
If you answered, “yes” to any of the questions above the first remedy to let go of the pain of begging is to STOP BEING NUMB.

Listen to what your soul is asking you to do, say or feel. Your true intuitive guidance will reveal itself. One way to do this is by, imagining a current situation you’re concerned about or trying to make a decision on.  Next, picture yourself in the outcome for choice number one and choice number too. Notice how your body or spirit feels when you visualize that outcome.
Do you feel fear, symptoms of nervousness or sick to your stomach? OR Do you feel loved, relaxed, excited, or peaceful? Your body is a clear barometer for our temperature of truth as you are learning how your intuition manifests within you. The hardest part is TRUST of self, because sometimes you will be surprised how you react during each visualization exercise.
God begs us to come and ask him for spiritual energy that you can use for the wealth of your life. I encourage you to take his hand and beg yourself for truth, even if it comes through the vehicle of pain. You will not be alone, just as I was not in that moment I had to call on my spiritual guides for safety. We all have guides or angels that govern our life’s successful completion. Be your own guide to living a life of spiritual begging. Begging is not the problem. Beginning is.

Live Inspired,

Amy Brock, Spiritual Intuitive

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